What we do

Our Objective

The Italian Historical Trademarks Association was established to promote, at all levels, the strategic importance of Italian historical trademarks and their impetus as a tool for competitiveness and internationalisation, helping to enhance Italy's image, by combining the efforts of companies that own historical trademarks and the competent public administrations. AMSI translates the product and organisational diversity of member companies into a strength, by developing their common value of knowledge and national excellence also handed down through multiple business generations, and by capitalising on diversity to find common starting points in each other for developing the business and the reputation.

Our Areas of Work

  • Strategic Public-Private Alliance
  • Financial Incentives
  • Innovation
  • Competitiveness
  • Internationalisation
  • Country's Image
  • Communication

Our Pillars

Enhancing the historical trademarks of Italy for the benefit of the country's companies and economy.

Contributing in collaboration with the public administrations and with the help of the main representatives of civil society, to the prestige of Italy's international image.

Establishing a strategic public-private alliance with the responsible public entities, MIMIT (Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy), INVITALIA, MAECI-ICE, MASAF, MEF, etc, and the Chamber of Commerce system to provide companies owning Italian historical trademarks with the systemic tools for capital strengthening and development needed for innovation and internationalisation as cornerstones of competitiveness.

Our Priority scale

Given the diversified nature of the member companies from a product perspective, the Association will undertake initiatives targeted at generating financial and tax benefits which are useful across the board, irrespective of the business sector, through lobbying.

Some devices in favour of the Historical Trademarks are already active but at times unknown or unused: the Association's first commitment is to disseminate knowledge of them, promote their use by undertaking initiatives at the competent offices to introduce specific rules for the benefit of the Historical Trademarks and support the member companies in accessing concessions.

The Association will also undertake initiatives to increase the value of the Historical Trademarks of the member companies, in all the digital meetings and face-to-face where appropriate and necessary for increasing their national and international visibility, imbued with their self-defining and unique business culture, but also their value representative of national excellence. Simultaneously, in order to effectively perform this activity, the Association will carry out communication activities targeted at the strategic positioning of the member brand, with clear and unique messages.